Skills, Training, and Practice

Practice, Practice, and Practice – It is not what you say, it is how you say it. Now that you are ready to learn the ‘how’, let’s start your fun-filled journey of the Skitre Portal. This will give you the power of soft skills and transform your communication skills and confidence completely.

Training, and

Becoming skilled for life through practice.

Now that you are ready to learn the ‘how’, let’s start your fun-filled journey of the Skitre Portal. This will give you the employability skills by transforming your communication skills and confidence level completely.

Skitre Dojo

The definition of dojo refers to a room or hall in which judo and other martial arts are practiced…


Skills Guru

A dedicated area that allows candidates to receive guidance and feedback…

Skitre Scouts

A bank of profiles of all Skitre candidates will be prepared based on their …


Skitre is an innovative AI + Education platform, specializing in soft skills training through its contemporary courses and a virtual practice area. The exceptional features are the highly interactive VFX and fun-filled gamified content, a ground-breaking ‘virtual area’, where you practice what you learn. A full range of a sought-after soft skills has been broken down into micro modules to make it relevant, easier to learn, and practice to excel. The AI practice area – “SKITRE DOJO,” will ensure that learners do not walk away with “just a certificate,” but actually practice and master entire set of skills, thus making them leaders and not “just certificate holders.”

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  • World of Soft Skills
  • Eye contact – Different expressions- Video
  • Increased and decreased eye contact – What do they mean
  • Eye contact – Usefulness and small differences
  • Grooming and dressing
  • Accent and pronunciation
  • Personal introduction – Practice Formal and informal introductions
  • Handshake- Different types
  • Postures, smile, and Body language
  • Body Language – Job interviews
  • Interviews – Scenario-based study
  • Interviews – Practice behavioral questions
  • Informal Introduction – Words and confidence
  • Podcasts- Listen and learn
  • Preparation for small talk
  • Topics for Small talk
  • Practice Small talk
  • Telephonic conversations – importance of tone
  • Speed and Pitch - during conversations
  • Meeting Etiquette – Preparations for a meeting
  • Active listening – Learn, listen, and practice.
  • Hearing vs listening
  • Emails – How to write professional mails
  • Emails – to CC or not.
  • Practice writing emails