About Dojo

About Skitre Dojo

Skitre Dojo – A one of its kind skills practice platform

Skitre has created this virtual practice area Skitre Dojo for you to practice your skills. The features include

  • 2 GB space per learner
  • Record audio and videos – Practice skills
  • Download and Share – Recordings
  • Practice whenever you want, however you want, and in your own personal space
  • Self-Paced Learning
  • Numerous interview scenarios and simulated conversations
  • Learning a language – Listen and practice your pronunciation
  • Ain tI based simulated conversation tool
  • Active listening – Podcasts and recordings
  • Practice your body language, postures, hand positions- record videos and compare
  • Practice public speaking – Pauses and speed

Simple and easy – Ultimate Confidence Building Tool

Just a few simple clicks and you will be amazed as to how much you have progressed. Learning a language? Listen to and practice your pronunciation.