About Us

About Us

Soft Skills delivered through practice

“Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.”

Skitre is a learning portal that provides essential soft skills coupled with the one and only practice platform, allowing you to practice and acquire soft skills. Using Artificial Intelligence (AI), we have developed simple and easy learning tools that can outstandingly enhance your skills, making you one of the best out there. Simply put, Skitre, as an online education portal, connects soft skills development to current employment industry requirements, helping learners become more employable, find jobs of their choice and diminish business costs attached to human resource training, onboarding, recruitment, and management. We make our learners more fit for the global business environment.

Skitre has mainly four parts:

Course/LMS: Courseware and training material have been broken down into microlearning nuggets to facilitate self-paced reading and understanding. The overall quality and depth of the material is as real and contemporary as taught in the corridors of an Ivy League.

Skitre DOJO – Skills Practice Area: A first-of-its-kind virtual practice area that allows candidates to practice skills such as communication, active listening, goal setting, team building, body language, and most importantly, job readiness or employability. An unparalleled technological innovation allowing candidates to practice what they learn, over and over, allowing them to record—audios, videos, virtual group video discussions, interactive case studies, simulated interview scenarios, listen and respond, get feedback, and improve. By repeating this all over, it allows them to master and acquire those soft skills in a fun, exciting, and highly interactive environment.

Skills Guru: A dedicated area that allows candidates to receive guidance and feedback, to monitor and evaluate progress, get explanations, and clearly see the quantum improvement in their skills. This will be a points-based assessment chart or system, which will allow users to grade or rate their soft skills level at the beginning of the program, then accrue points throughout, award points for practicing more, rate their performance via peers, chatbots and so on. Finally, upon completion, An overall rating will be provided.

Skitre Scouts: A bank of profiles of all Skitre candidates will be prepared, based on their educational qualifications and the soft skill scores awarded by Skills Guru. This bank is a VIP access area that allows recruiters/business heads around the world to view the candidate profiles and shortlist candidates for interviews based on their audios/videos/progress charts. This will be an area that connects education and employment, as soft skills will clearly make all our candidates highly employable.