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Skitre Dojo

The definition of dojo refers to a room or hall in which judo and other martial arts are practiced…

Skills Guru

A dedicated area that allows
candidates to receive guidance and feedback…

Skitre Scout

A bank of profiles of all Skitre candidates will be prepared based on their …

Skitre Reflect

As a learner, at some point, we have all been told “your communication skills need improving?” ….

Skitre Smart

Skitre Smart, is a profile builder that for the first time allows learners to demonstrate their actual…

Skitre Drive

To undertake this test please time yourself and use the first option which come to your mind…

Skitre Reflect

As a learner, at some point, we have all been told “your communication skills need improving?” or “You need to work on your body language”. Too Confusing? Too vague?

A deeper learning is when you know what part of your “communication” needs correcting. Is it your “pronunciation”, is it that “you talk too fast?”. A more focused and pinpointed practice has always proven to make changes that are permanent. So, knowing whether it’s your “posture” that’s not correct or “your eye contact is missing” is how you will develop an intelligent roadmap to practice and master correct” body language”.

Skitre Reflect Sample Scorecard

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The main objective of Skitre Reflect is deeper learning using intelligent assessment cards that breaks down each skill into its components, to allow learners to understand, reflect and improve each aspect of skills learning.

  • Students develop critical thinking and get the chance to become more job ready by getting introduced to assessment culture.
  • Learning is enhanced when students receive a detailed breakdown of their performance and not just an abstract scoring.
  • One of the realities of Modern-day learning is lecturers now have less time to assess than before. Feedbacks need to have faster turnaround times and more transparency.
  • Students learn from the successes of others and choose to learn from other performers.
  • Students can learn from making mistakes, repeating, improving & receiving quick feedback
  • Students are doing it already in different ways in schools and at work.
  • It increases students’ confidence, reduces stress and improves student motivation

Skitre Reflect is a powerful meta-cognitive Peer assessment tool that allows learners to get their learning outcomes (audio and video recordings) assessed by other leaners or assessors form client colleges/corporates. Skitre Reflect provides a structured learning process for students to critique and provide feedback to each other on their work while helping them develop lifelong skills to self-assess and improve. Leaners can also nominate other learners of equal status on skitre as their peers. It supports the development of critical thinking, interpersonal skills, as well as enhancing understanding within the field of Soft skills as a discipline.

The learners upload their best work (audios/Videos). Assessor get access to their work and use the scorecards to provide star-rating out of 5. and send it to be selected assessor.

These cards are in the form of a short questionnaires designed to draw conclusions about assessor’s feelings, what they liked and did not like about the learner’s performance as well as the suggestions they have for its improvement. These feedback cards are customisable, to improve, add or change some of its elements according to the client’s requirements, mainly achieving high quality learning, powerful skills and personality development.(Click “Read more” to see the scorecard.)

Skills Guru

Skills Guru helps learners measure their learning progress in real time for each skill in a fun, more engaging, and relevant format.

A complete numerical and graphical representation of the candidate’s performance which helps them track their learning outcomes in real time. Scores are based on 80% practice & 20% theory, allowing learners to build their skills by scoring more by practicing more. These scores are captured via an intelligent algorithm at the beginning of the program, then allowing gaining of points based on a combination of practicing time in Skitre Dojo, total no of attempts and the outcomes. Upon completion, learners are awarded an overall rating and certification. Skills Guru Score is further used to build the Skitre Smart Profile.

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While knowing what you are learning is important knowing how you are doing is more important.
Skills Guru was designed with main aim of allowing learners to define their learning path using Skitre Dojo, its applied simulations and AI tools.
Fundamentally it is built on the foundation of

  • Assessing deep understanding of skitre learners in relation to the various modules of soft skills, application of those skills in real life simulations and stages of learning and development as they progress through the course.
  • The point system encourages learners to invest quality time on practicing, understanding the purpose and benefits of practicing, what is expected of them and how they are assessed each time they practice, increasing their scoring and growth over time.

The first-of its-kind algorithm of Skills Guru captures data from learner’s speech recordings, videos, writing or doing simulated exercises revealing:

  • The depth of their knowledge and understanding
  • The level of proficiency in their skills and capabilities, and how disposed they are to perform in real life situations while applying the intended learning.

Improves skills levels of learners by awarding them more points to practice and repeat scenarios in the Dojo. By pulling this report, learner can understand better where they should be spending their time practicing making them more effective and efficient learners.
This kind of report is invaluable to educators or corporates who may want to see how engaged their staff or students are with their trainings, they can also track the relationship between learning and outcomes and build performance reviews. Can help to make students or staff more globally competitive and increase productivity manyfold.

Skitre Smart

Skitre Smart, is a profile builder that for the first time allows learners to demonstrate their actual soft skills rather than using just generic soft skills descriptions.

Using their Skills Guru report chart, learners can show potential employers their skill scoring, and upload their videos and audios, allowing a deeper understanding of their employability and talent.

Skitre Smart Profile

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Soft skills is the glue that allows hard skills to be deployed efficiently and are key skills that employers now look for. Employers want employees who can interact effectively with others. These skills are also very hard to teach, so employers want to know that job candidates already have the soft skills to be successful. Till now, the candidates faced challenges of not knowing what to include and what to leave out. Skitre Smart gives a complete score card and breakdown of each soft skill of the learners making them very appealing and employable.

Skitre Smart is a smart profile exhibit area designed specifically for the skitre learners to allow them to present their soft skills along with their hard skills to potential employers and skitre affiliates. This will also allow them to present their skills and candidature in a professional way never done before.

A Skitre smart profile can be a powerful part of any learner’s personal brand. All Skitre affiliated corporates and recruiters will be able to view it (unless set by the learner on private mode). The learner can also have a public profile that can be found by external search engines, so that even people who are not registered with Skitre can see it. However, it’s important, for learners to complete their profile by correctly uploading their hard skills and a Skills Guru profile along with a good-quality photo. They also need to complete all their learnings in Skitre with genuine time spent in the dojo exercises. The learners need to be selective in choosing their best work in terms of audio and video that reflects their personality and professionalism.

Pronunciation Dojo

1. Choose a word from the provided list.
2. Click the mic button and say the word .
3. The box will autotype the spoken word. Confirm if the spelling is correct. If not, type it in.
4. Press Search button.
5. Click the red button  and listen to the pronunciation.
6. Click the record button and repeat the sentence below using your name.
7. Compare your recorded pronunciation with the correct pronunciation.
8. Try and use the word in sentences and record.

Some Words to practice

  • Palace
  • Rainy
  • Thorough
  • Special
  • Significant
  • Fantastic
  • Superb
  • Money
  • Resume
  • Employment
  • Consultation
  • Constant
  • Continuous
  • Shameful
  • Respect
  • Brilliant
  • Automobile
  • Enrollment
  • Skills
  • Leverage

Skitre Scout

This area is an industry affiliation program designed specifically to connect Skitre trained candidates to the soft skills seeking Industry partners. A completion certificate along with a candidate Skitre profile will be generated and presented to Skitre affiliate partners (employers/corporate/HR).

A bank of profiles of all Skitre candidates will be prepared, based on their educational qualifications and the soft skill scores awarded by Skills Guru. This bank is a VIP access area which allows recruiters/business heads around the world to view the candidate profiles and shortlist candidates for interviews based on their audios/videos/progress charts. This will be an area which will connect between education and employment, as soft skills will clearly make all our candidates highly employable.This is a platform for all our learners to exhibit their soft skills scorecards to the corporate world and get head-hunted.

Skitre Drive

Scientific research has confirmed it: psychometric assessment helps determine the most suitable candidate for a job offer or promotion.

On a general basis, the information from resumes and application letters are often the least effective indicators of a candidate’s potential to successfully fulfil a role. Skitre as a part of its learner’s journey allows them to take close-ended, Personality Test, cognitive ability test, Critical Thinking Test and a team player test as part of their suite of psychometric testing tools. A profile for each learner will be built, based on these test results, which will have a precise relevance to how well the candidate will perform in a role or career as opposed to years of education or amount of job experience or age.

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These tests will pinpoint the learner’s areas of strength and growth, while giving them a scope of areas they can improve upon. These tests will be great indicators of an applicant performing the actual job during the real deal.

These online assessments are paid services offered by recruiters or professionals, whereas Skitre offers these tests as part of their product offering. The reasoning being, more and more forward-thinking companies are adopting online psychometric tests as their primary tool for screening applicants and recruitment methodology.

Skitre Drive (Psychometric testing) is an efficient method as learners during their course, can work out which of their strengths they can focus on and build future career choices around it. This approach is less stressful and more cost-effective than any traditional method.

Combining Psychometric testing outcomes with Soft Skills learnings through Skitre will give great outcomes with extremely valuable visibility for any hiring manager, recruiter or business owners.