Frequently Asked Questions

Simply speak and click your way through our voice-activated form fill-up area. Sounds exciting, doesn’t it? Well, it is definitely unique. This will take you to our portal, and then, the simple tutorial will take you through instructions on how to do  each exercise.

Dojo allows you to practice many basic communication skills to start with. You can expect to acquire communication skills, pronunciation/English language skills, tonality/pace of talking, leadership skills, professional speaking skills, professional email writing and presentation skills, sales and customer skills/telephone conversation skills, body language and eye contact, and team building and leading skills.

Personality development and grooming, group discussion skills, interview facing, and job skills.

Our AI-based grading and rating system, Skill Guru, continuously grades, presents, and guides our learners with easy-to-understand progress reports. It clearly demonstrates your overall skills improvement, while breaking down each module, thus allowing you to focus and rework practicing of skills that need extra attention.

Skitre Dojo is exactly the answer to all such questions. Our highly interactive portal is as real as practicing in a classroom, or in front of an audience.

So, no more of just “watching tutorials or expert videos, no more of worrying about being judged, ridiculed, or critiqued before you are ready to rock”!!!

No need to worry about finding local classes or “coaches,” hoping to learn those “intangible” soft skills.

You can practice in our Skitre Dojo for as long as you want and whenever you want. Scientific study has proven that practicing has the most desired outcomes when done in the most comfortable timing and surrounding.

Short answer is any time, any way, any day. Remember, only “Ordinary people think of spending time. Great people think of using it.” The most important thing is habituation. So, if you form a discipline around practicing regularly, this will become your habit, and then, it will become your nature. Which means anyone can talk, look, and behave like a true professional by following our easy-to-use practice area and activities.

We strongly recommend a practice time of: 

10-15 hrs/month –         Good progress.

15-25 hrs/month –         Excellent progress.

Above 25 hrs/month –   Expert level.

Whenever possible, practice your task for 45 to 90 minutes at a time. It is true that shorter practices also will help your confidence, and some types of practices can only last for a few minutes.

So, get practicing before your friends do!!

Google Chrome has to be used for using the portal.

You can access all Skitre Dojo areas through a mobile or a tablet. But all  the functionality will not work satisfactorily. Please log in using PC or Laptop’s for the best experience